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Everyone knows that UVA and UVB rays from the sun are incredibly damaging to your skin. We associate health with tan skin, but we also know that the sun exposure that results in tanning can also result in wrinkles and even skin cancer. Can you get the best of both worlds? If you tan slowly, using a high-SPF sun block like those offered by SunSense, you can build a tan without burning and keep your skin soft at the same time.

Tan skin can be healthy, but you have to be very careful about getting a tan, especially if you’re naturally fair skinned. If you’re a blonde or a ginger, you should probably just admit to yourself that your skin wasn’t meant to be too many shades darker than ivory. If you go out in the sun without one of SunSense’s SPF 50+ sun blocks, you’re going to burn to a crisp in just twenty or thirty minutes.

That burn won’t turn into a tan. It will peel. If you don’t take care of your skin with after-sun lotion, it will very quickly become rough to the touch. You’ll see premature wrinkles. This is actually true for everyone, not just the pale-skins. If you have an olive complexion, you can be out in the sun longer than someone with an ivory complexion, but you can still burn. Burning or tanning too quickly with no SPF protection will result in rough, leathery, wrinkled skin for people of any skin tone.

Anyone Can Burn

If you want to maintain beautiful, young skin, wear sun block whenever you go outside, especially on your face, neck, and chest. It won’t hurt to use after-sun cream or anti-aging cream (SunSense offers a really great anti-aging cream, by the way) after you’ve been out in the sun, too. These will restore moisture and elasticity to your skin, helping you maintain the collagen in your skin that keeps you looking young and fresh.

If you’re smart about your sun exposure, you’ll be able to tan to a reasonable degree and maintain soft, supple, young-looking skin for years to come. Vitamin D from the sun is great for your body and your mind, but those UV rays are terrible on your complexion. Don’t forget that they don’t just cause wrinkles; they also cause skin cancer. Sun block can save your life, as well as your youthful good looks. Don’t leave home without it.

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