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Metronidazole Tablets are prescribed to fight specific bacterial infections. They can be prescribed to fight skin infections, respertory infections, intestinal infections, vaginal infections, joint and bone infections and other protozan based infections as well.

This is a powerful medication that needs to be taken exactly has prescribed. There are several variables that will affect how a patient is prescribed this medication. Weight is a consideration on dosage amounts and the severity of the infection.

There are times that this may not be the right medication for your situation. When you speak with your doctor be sure that you tell him/her whether you are pregnant, nursing, have liver disease, anemia, any chronic illness, if you drink alcohol on a regular basis, a nervous system disease or have had seizures.

Of course you also want to discuss any medication that you are currently taking including over the counter medication and any supplements. If you have ever had a bad reaction to any type of medication you should also make your doctor aware.

Potential Side Effects

When taken as prescribed Metronidazole Tablets rarely cause any major side effects. It can render other prescription medications not as potent which is why it is so important to let your doctor know what medications you are taking.

Many people experience stomach upset when taking this medication. This can be avoided by taking the medication with a light meal. Drink a full glass of water with each tablet. Eating a small meal or snack will help your stomach better digest the pill and will keep discomfort down to a minimum.

Some other side effects are not quite as easily remedied. A common side effect that can be alarming but is meaningless is rust colored urine. The dark colored urine is nothing more than different color urine from the medication it is not anything harmful.

You may experience more serious side effects like uncontrolled diarrhea ,nausea and loss of appetite. Some people report that food tastes funny and has a metallic taste to it. Some people experience extreme fatigue while taking Metronidazole Tablets.

There have been reports of excessive vaginal discharge in some women. More serious but rare side effects include seizures and convulsions, severe stomach pain, dizziness and numbness in the hands or feet.  If you experience any of the more severe side effects seek medical attention immediately. If you experience any of the lesser symptoms and they become too bothersome let your doctor know.

Most of the side effects will disappear once you have completed the series of medication.

Take Only as Directed

It is very important that you take this medication exactly as directed. If you miss a dose and it is close to your next dose skip it do not double up on the dosage. Most patients are forewarned not to drive or use heavy machinery until they realize the full effects of this medicine.

It is also recommended that you do not suddenly stop taking this medication without the supervision of your doctor.  Do not drink alcohol while taking this medication. There is some evidence that this medication may be physically addictive and it is strongly recommended that patients do not exceed recommended dosages.

This is a helpful medicine when taken properly can actually be a life saving medication but as with all prescription medications it is always a good idea to completely understand what you are taking and the potential side effects.

Metronidazole Tablets are used for many different infections that respond well to this medication. With the proper consultation of your physician and giving a full medical history during that consultation you can take Metronidazole Tablets with little worry.

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